Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Motorhome! l must be nuts.

I am going to give another go at blogging, over the last 2 years l have changed a lot as has my life, when l work out how l will probably change the name of the blog.
l will update you where l can but may ramble over old ground on the way there. I have a lot of blank spots from the last couple of years sometimes things occur to me. I have found out what my dentist warned me when he said my "time perception" would go. Unless you have lost someone who meant the world to you it is hard to explain, l don't know if parents who loose kids get it or kids who loose family but loosing a husband l did. Trying to put things into a time line is almost impossible so some things over my various stories may not fit where l think they do, the following one however does. I know it does as l have checked paperwork.

Just after Brian died around July 2010 it has to be there for all to be in place by September 2010, l had this wild idea that there was a lot of work out there but not much accommodation so l wanted my own motorhome. Had l been thinking clearly this wouldn’t have come about but l decided l wanted one also as Brian and l enjoyed MH when we used it together so l set about getting one, l am not sure but l think it was also a sort of distraction to me something to fixate on.

Geoff from Brownhills said no problem when l went and spoke to him, followed by "l have just put you clear for 45k". That was way outside what l was thinking of but was a loan in place.

I found the perfect motorhome but a bit more than l wanted to pay but l thought well sod it go for it so l did. I took Milko and Sian along with me to help with details. They did try and talk me out of it but l was not in a good place brain wise and l am also stubborn so Milko and l went to negotiate while Sian left us alone she and Brian don’t do negotiating so he in spirit and her in person wandered off to look round.  

After signing for it we headed home and Milko froze my blood… “you are going to remortgage”
“No way l just paid it off the house is safe”
“Listen to me with those rates it will cripple you”
“Nope, no way”
“Give me your mortgage guys phone number he can talk sense into you”
So once back at Langar Milko headed off on his mission
“It is a no brainer” he announced on return, “Take a loan for 37k and pay back 496/month for 10 years, Remotgage 37k and pay back about +/- 370/month over 10 years and will save about 16k that doesn’t include if you can do 10% payments off/year will drop it by a fortune”.(amounts for remortgage are estimates as at that point the company and terms were guessed but pretty close to what l am paying)

Milko always wins thought it was us women who were meant to use devastating logic. So l remortgaged the house and in September 2010 the new family member came home. 
Well home after a couple of alterations, l had to knock the garage down, l realised that a 7.5mtr motorhome wouldn't fit in our drive. So down came the garage up went a shed and a skip took away the unwanted. 
Next was that l wasn't able to park him, in fact l realised when l got CB home l wasn't sure if he would fit across the road to reverse in, thank goodness for Ray our neighbour, he has since been the one to park CB although even he was sweating buckets the first time.
I called him (motorhome) CB, it stands for Cafe Brian. When he was alive Brian was open and friendly to everyone he used to make teas and coffees offer snacks to all comers when he was parked up, we have offered tea to car drivers or truckers when we have been having some ourselves in lay bys and others were there and he even did it at least once in a terrible traffic jam that lasted for over an hour some place.

I felt that calling the motorhome Café Brian (CB for short) would
1) Keep Brian's memory alive to those that knew him and
2) Remind me that you don't have to be perfect to help and be friendly to people even if they themselves are miserable and unfriendly.

2) Can be hard but l do try

Sadly l have not used CB as much as l wanted due to other life problems, but am slowly building up to using him more.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I thought you sold the motor home !

Glad you are back.
Brian died just before my ex husband, so must gave been early June. Although my memory is probably unreliable too, but arch was June 14...

Vetnurse said...

Hi Fi :-D
I didn't sell Brian's one l sent it back to barclays as it was on a lease purchase. Took my MP and the financial ombudsman to do so and about 8months. Got an apology from the now defunct chairman bob diamond as well for their behaviour and also an apology from chairman of clydesdale bank a subsidiary of barclays.
yes Brian passed before Arch, he was 4 June 2010